Rainworks members

Rainworks Alliance members are stable companies with important usually leading role on particular country market. All member companies have highly educated and experienced teams of professionals that are very strong in technical knowledge of irrigation and near branches connected to beautiful and high quality lawns, gardens, parks and sport fields and its maintenance.

Dark Blue – members, light blue – close cooperating friend companies

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Drago Sp. z o.o. Sp. k.

Ul. Kartuska 370, 80-125 Gdańsk (Poland)
Phone: +48 58 303 96 24, E-mail: info@drago.pl, www.drago.pl

Lühr GmbH

Am Mühlenteich 10, D-29559 Wrestedt (Germany)
Phone: +49 5802 9878763, E-mail: info@luehr-technik.de, www.luehr-technik.de

ITTEC, s.r.o.

AOS Modletice 106, 25101 Ricany u Prahy (Czech Republic)
Phone: +420 323 616 222, E-mail: info@ittec.cz, www.ittec.cz

Green-Gard GmbH

Max-Planck-Ring 11, 65205 Wiesbaden (Germany)
Phone: +49 6122 7077027, E-mail: info@green-gard.de, www.green-gard.de

Technoconsult Vízgépészeti Kft.

Szürkebarát u.1, 2092 Budakeszi (Hungary)
Phone: + 36 23 458 140, E-mail: info@technoconsult.hu, www.technoconsult.hu

Our members about benefits
of being a Rainworks Alliance member

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For an international cooperation
please contact:

Tomas Kurdziel
Rainworks Alliance Manager
email: tkurdziel@rainworks.eu
phone: +420 608 352 100

For the Rainworker program (available in German speaking countries) please contact:

Jan Lühr
email: j.luehr@luehr-technik.de
phone: +49 171 222 5693


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