About us

Rainworks Alliance is an alliance of passionate independent turf irrigation distributors from Central Europe that know working together means being stronger.

All members are specialized in anything related to water and turf – from the root to the cutting.

Rainworks Alliance has been founded in January 2012. The idea, initial forming of the group and steps within the first years was led by Rolf Krüger, a legend of forming of irrigation markets in West, Central, East and North Europe within several decades before Rainworks Alliance founding. Rolf gave „a soul and a spirit“ to the group that are still strong pillars for our enthusiastic close, open and friendly cooperation of the members.

All members are trying to watch over the horizon of our branches. We know we can do all much better together than individually. With this close cooperation we can more efficiently than individually find unique featured products and solutions that we are able to offer our customers in each country.

All our activities are leading to one goal – to be better in what we all are doing!

Our members about benefits
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Get in Touch

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For an international cooperation
please contact:

Tomas Kurdziel
Rainworks Alliance Manager
email: tkurdziel@rainworks.eu
phone: +420 608 352 100

For the Rainworker program (available in German speaking countries) please contact:

Jan Lühr
email: j.luehr@luehr-technik.de
phone: +49 171 222 5693


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